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about Bill

Bill Moran is a third-year MFA poetry candidate at Louisiana State University and a former medic. He was the 2012 & 2013 Austin Poetry Slam Champion; has performed and taught poetry throughout the US, Australia, and Southeast Asia; and served as president of Mic Check, a non-profit poetry organization in Brazos County, Texas. His work has appeared or is  forthcoming in Button Poetry (video), Phoebe, Bird's Thumb, Next Left Press, FreezeRay Press, LUX, Alien Mouth, Pressure Gauge Press, and Drunk in a Midnight Choir. 

He co-authored his first book of poetry "Wreck / Age" with Simon Kindt, and it is available now through Alien Mouth.

His debut book of poetry "Oh God Get Out Get Out" is forthcoming with Write Bloody Publishing in Spring 2017. It is a collection of poems that walk through the haunted house of trauma & illness & loss, organize it, and return us to a self & world that is once again habitable.

He appreciates your concern and well-wishes, but swears he is okay. Really.



What Bill Does



Bill Moran has had two books of poetry published, in addition to the several individual poems that have appeared in various journals. He has also written a sci-fi screenplay for which he won an award, and various critical essays on hand.


Bill tours several times a year, at roughly 30 shows annually. He is interested in multi-modal performances, and plays original music live while reading his poetry. He has performed extensively throughout US, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand– in venues ranging from Bangkok dive bars to the University of Chicago, and everything in between.


*If you'd like to book Bill for your school or show, you can reach him through the contact form at the bottom of this page*


As a two-year president of a poetry non profit, Bill ran weekly public writing workshops, and several long term poetry programs at a nearby juvenile justice center. He has also led a weekly poetry program at his local homeless shelter, and has taught a handful of English classes at Louisiana State University. While on tour, he spends his days holding generative writing and performance workshops at high schools, universities, or local community centers in whatever city he's passing through.


Outside of the literary arts, he's also an avid musician and songwriter, composing and recording his own track music for live poetry readings– and even playing music live while reading poems. His music/poetry albums can be found at his Bandcamp page here.








If you'd like to book Bill for your poetry reading, slam, classroom, or whatever else– please drop him a line here! Make sure to leave your email and phone number, event and/or class information, potential dates, and what you have in mind.